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"Sadly, most of the CRM business processes and best practices are used to fine tune the agenda of the corporation, not the customer."
Patricia Seybold, president of the Patricia Seybold Group

The key to developing rich customer relationships that generate loyalty and revenue are vibrant, customer-facing CRM systems and strategies. Solutions that integrate sales, marketing, customer service and field service and support across the entire enterprise, including partners and suppliers are critical to helping assure current as well as future success.

The Taylor Group has developed and deployed CRM systems before the term CRM was coined and the vast majority of today's systems were even conceptualized.Our track record goes back to the early days of Sales Force Automation (SFA), and SFA remains an area of expertise within CRM.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

Business Process

As the starting point, the current business processes are mapped. From the current situation, a desired process is determined which will improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness. Both process maps show the necessary activities to complete the process, the inputs and outputs for the completion of each activity, and the role within the organization that performs each activity. These processes are then organized into scenarios that reflect business requirements. The desired process map serves as a basis for future changes that will inevitably occur over time.

Requirements Definition

From the business scenarios, the business requirements are listed, prioritized, and phased into an implementation plan. Data requirements are also identified for source, elements, and integration requirements.

Software Package Selection

The Taylor Group, through its extensive experience in the CRM marketplace, provides expertise that can simplify the CRM software selection process.

From the business and data requirements, a Request for Information (RFI) and/or Request for Proposal (RFP) can be developed and sent to selected software vendors.The Taylor Group will assist in evaluating vendor responses and coordinating vendor presentations.

We will perform a Gap Analysis to compare the business requirements to the "Out-of-the-Box" functionality of one or more of the selected package(s) to measure the level of effort required for customization.

System Development

Drawing on extensive experience, The Taylor Group will develop, or assist in developing, the customized solution using the selected CRM software package.

Included in development are screens, reports, data relationships, etc. identified when performing the Requirements Definition and Gap Analysis.

In addition, development may include data conversion and/or migration with legacy systems.

All aspects of the system are tested prior to deployment.

System Deployment

Now that the new CRM system has been developed, the system needs to be deployed to the end users.

The Taylor Group will assist in the deployment plan to physically make the system available to each new user.

System and Process Training

It is a vital part of the implementation that end users receive the proper training in both new business processes and system usage.

The Taylor Group provides comprehensive training to help ensure consistent, high levels of knowledge to all users of new Business Processes and the CRM application. We provide the customized training that helps enhance individual skills and provides optimum levels of expertise to all end users. We develop training courseware and materials based on end users' roles and jobs, deliver training throughout the organization, and plan the logistics for all training activities.


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