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Knowledge Portals

The Taylor Group can help you support and reinforce your various:

  • Sales processes
  • Sales Management processes
  • Marketing processes
  • Customer Service processes

Internet-based Knowledge Portals enable companies to keep all of the information their employees need to do their jobs, at their fingertips. This Internet based tool is available around the clock and to anyone with access to a computer and Internet browser.

Best of all, we can host the Knowledge Portal website, update it monthly and bill you on a usage basis.

We offer a turnkey Knowledge Portal service that includes:

  • Analyzing your current information needs to support both your existing and new processes

  • Identifying useful sources of the needed information

  • When needed information already exists, we will catalog this information and turn it into an electronic format if needed

  • When needed information does not already exist, we can convert tacit information that often exists only in the minds of your people or external industry experts into written information that can be shared widely throughout your organization

  • Sorting the newly created information into a user friendly format that minimizes your people's time spent finding new information

  • Loading the data into our Knowledge Portal software

  • Updating the Knowledge Portal on a monthly basis so that your people continue to receive the information they need to be successful on a daily basis

  • Hosting the entire system on our servers so that you implement quickly


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