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E-Learning Benefits

e-Learning Benefits

e-Learning is one of those business processes that actually allow organizations to implement the management mantra, "Quicker, Better, Cheaper"!

The benefits to your organization of a solid e-Learning program can include:

  • Quicker "Time-to-Market" for New Products and Services - You can now get all of your employee groups trained, tested and if necessary, certified at the same time rather than in small groups taught one after the other over time.

  • Better Learning - No longer do you have to bring together your people and force feed them skill and knowledge at a pace that may be quicker than they can absorb in one multiple day session. Give them a better learning experience by allowing them to absorb the skills and knowledge at a steady pace and test them on their knowledge and comprehension before they move to the next module.

  • Reduced Training Costs - Say goodbye to travel, hotel, meal and telephone costs while your people travel to centralized training sites.

  • Reduced Employee Opportunity Cost - You can significantly reduce the time away from the job for employees who used to have to travel to a central classroom for training. With e-Learning, your employees can attend a live or self-paced training session during the work day for up to 90 minutes, then return to their job to complete almost a full day of work.

    Employees on an incentive plan are often glad to complete the training on their own time if it will free them up to make more incentive dollars during customer hours.

  • Increased Training for Less Money - Replace the low value travel and lodging expenses for both your employees and your trainers with more training hours.

    You can leverage your training staff by leaving them at their desk and running multiple programs per day via e-Learning rather than flying them across the country doing multiple classroom based sessions.

  • Improved Succession Planning - Why not let your more motivated employees complete a curriculum that will expose them to the skill and knowledge for their future jobs. This way you can your own "Bench Strength" of fully trained employees before the need arises. Thus, when turnover occurs in the future and you lose a valued employee, you can minimize the disruption by turning to an already trained and trusted internal employee.


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